stereograph for linux
 by fabian januszewski


    stereograph is a stereogram generator that procudes exlcusively truecolor graphics. it offers special features to increase the quality of your artwork, such as anti-aliasing and zoom. both of them destroy the clear apperance of level transitions in the third dimension that result of low resolution modes like stereograms that fit into a computer screen. for the human eye this resolution is anything but great and it realizes even microscopic differences and artefacts.

    against typical artefacts there's the anti-artefacts feature. this allows you to render nearly every object possible.

    specify the virtual distance of the stereogram, the perspective and where you'd like to insert the texture. a new algorithm is used to calculate realistically the perspective.

    if your need a unique texture stereograph will generate a random texture for you if necessary.

    finally i published the transparency code. now you are able to render realistic scenes like waterfalls, water surfaces, glass, windows and so on.

    png and targa files are supported. the gimp can convert files to png or targa if necessary. since release 0.16 stereograph writes its graphics data in the ppm format to stdandard output if no output file is specified.

    please note that since release 0.17 stereograph requires the libpng library and since 0.32 also the libjpeg library to run properly! in release 0.33 there was also a rudimentary X11 interface added.

    GTKstereograph is a graphical user interface featuring the current renderer of stereograph. it is independend from the console version of stereograph. at the moment this program doesn't feature transparency. the fancy C script input feature may help you to create base images on the fly.


    learn more about stereograms in the stereogram howto (german, but english diagrams)

    1998/2000 by fabian januszewski
    transparency demo, stereogram generated with stereograph